Add dynamic and challenging AI to your game! Enable AI agents with a variety of devastating weapons to strategize, take cover and lure enemies!
feature list:
-Pull cover system that supports cover that is both pre-marked and found automatically at run-time. Shock enemies, fall back, and advance to maintain an optimal tactical position.
-Buttonfield Interaction! For example, an agent can blow an explosive barrel when enemies pass or knock on the table to make cover!
Advanced Strategy! Agents can coordinate flanking and suppressing fire to attack a situation. Strategies may also break if the commanding agent loses.
Customize agents to develop fundamentally different units. Build tactical special forces, firearm berserkers, and careful snipers.
-Multiple movement animations! Agents can leap aside to dodge an attack, leap over a ditch to reach a destination, or reverse a small wall to take cover behind it.
-Easily integrates with UFPS. Also includes integration instructions for RFPS.
-Very Damage System! If injuries occur on different parts of the body, agents can cause varying amounts of damage, and can stall with strong attacks!
-Grenades! Grenades can be killed to remove enemies from the enemy cover.

  • Multiple teams can fight with or against a player.
    -Agrant can focus on priority goals!
    -Next melee range can use melee attacks!
    -Rapid set-up with included editor tools.
  • Complete, comment, C # source code is included.
  • 33 page in depth manual.