I started developing this pack assets to help indie game developers, and everyone who loves making FPS or RPG games for mobile or PC platforms, and appreciates the quality of the content

What’s New in 3.0 Pack?
Add new demo scene Map_v2
Add new pipe sets:
Pipeset_v1 (8 new prefabs)
Add new hangers:
Hangar_v2 (10 new prefabs, 2 with interior)
Hangar_v5 (21 new prefabs)
Hangar_v6 (4 new prefabs)
Hangar_v7 (1 new prefabs)
Add bag_on_pallet_v1 (2 new prefabs)
Add support_set_v1 (39 new prefabs)
Add Fans_v1 (2 new animated prefabs)
Add new skybox (1 new design)
Add Smoke Particle (1 new prefab)
Add new text for cargo_container_v1 (2 new text)
See screenshots and video for more details

Features of this pack, very low polygon count and optimized geometry

All prefabs have correct orientation
Position / rotation – set to 0
Scale of all prefabs – from set 1

More than 150 elements make up your own RPG / FPS level for PC or mobile platforms for fasting. (Ready for mobile)
2 demo scenes about 50 000 – 75 000 triangles. (Ready for mobile)

Not included:
Player’s hands
Ambient noise

For best batching, use “Mesh Baker”

If you have any wishes and suggestions, please leave a comment to improve the quality of the content, don’t forget to bake the lightmap

Use and Enjoy 🙂