• Toolbar: Inspect game objects, components and materials with relevant toolbars without opening the inspector. Available everywhere: in views, hierarchies, and project windows.

• Creator: Ctrl + Shift + Click to create a new game object directly from view. Browse or search for any primitive or prefab in your project with Fuzzy Finder.

• Recursive: mass replaces multiple objects at once (Alt + R) with another prefab or primitive.

• Tab: Go to full screen (Shift + Tab or double-click) by maximizing the view and tab will allow you to navigate your windows.

• Probe: Right-click to select any overlapping object behind the cursor with a clear menu.

• Reference: Use magnifying glass to quickly inspect referenced items from scripts without leaving the current inspector.

• Local Hierarchy: Hit space with the selected object to bring up a hierarchy popup with its parents and children.

• Global Hierarchy: Hit Ctrl + F to bring up a global hierarchy popup that can quickly search and select visible objects.

• Sticky drag and drop: drag a reference to the object without pinning or locking the previously received inspector.

… even more! Quick max, quick deselect, preview icon, hierarchical build. Dive in and find out!