Feature List:

3 game modes: team deathmatch, free for all and capture the flag.
Player team system.
New Shooter AI
New parties sync with bots and real players across all networks.
New Team Voice Chat.
Private and public matches
Player class, 4 types of players class with different characteristics (Invasion, Engineer, Support, Recon).
7 different types of weapons: rifle, sniper, shotgun, pistol, grenade, molotov and knife Advanced weapon system
friend list.
Damage indicator.
Lobby chat
Team Selection and Auto-Team Selection
Kick Voting System.
Foot IK Placement.
Fire Type (Auto, Single and Semi-Automatic)
Precise synchronization of bullets and positions
To damage
Player room kick
Server Stats, Total Players, Total Rooms, Ping
Health Regeneration Options
Killfeed Corner (WhoKilledWho)
Room deadline
Item Drop System.
Ladder system
Ike hand position
Head shot
Bullet Trail Options.
Jump Platform
AFK detection.
Max hitting room limit
Start Screen Loading.
Asynchronous data loading.
Weapon Fov Options At Play Time
Max allows the player to join Ping in a room
Draw the name above the head.
Player Hiking.
Object Pooling System.
Graphic menu settings
Multiplayer in room chat
Move Smooth Weapons While Moving
Weapon system on the network
Throw a gun after death
Throwing gunpowder and medicine kit
Kill Camera.
Network statistics.
Team Met Health Bar UI.
UGUI Crosshairs
Advanced heat look with IK support
Animated hit marker
Spawn Hand Impact Indicator
Fire friendly
Switch team in the middle room
Push or auto voice detection to talk.
AAA Graphic
Graphic menu settings
high performance.
In the editor tutorial.
Full C # Clean Code