Main Characteristics :

  • Advanced touch control system that can fully simulate traditional input sources (digital, analog, delta, scroll, and even low-level touch).

The on-screen control can be composed of buttons, joysticks, steering wheel, track pads and super touch zones. The position of the touch control may be bound to virtual keys, name buttons and axes. The Super Touch Zone, the pack’s most advanced control type, lets you visualize the gestures of every finger – for example, a single-finger tap can act to click the right mouse button, horizontally with three fingers. Swiping the mouse can emulate the scroll wheel and two finger pointing gestures can bind to an analog axis that rotates the camera!

  • Simple API – You don’t need to rebuild code to learn new APIs or work with event-based input systems … Familiar input-like static classes will make you feel right at home.
  • Script converter will automatically change the scripts of your project!
  • With Control Freak Assistant you will be able to create fully custom input rigs with touch control, with just a few clicks.