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RPG/FPS Game Assets for PCMobile Industrial Set v3.0

I started developing this pack assets to help indie game developers, and everyone who loves making FPS or RPG games for mobile or PC platforms, and appreciates the quality of the content What's New in 3.0 Pack? Add new demo scene Map_v2 Add new pipe sets: Pipeset_v1 (8 new prefabs) Add new hangers: Hangar_v2 (10

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Dockyard Containers v1.0

Dockyard Property Low Poly Model Very Optimized Property. It is very useful for mobile games. I already prepared a sample view with proper lightmapping. 4-container set, 8-single container with 4 different types of colors. 2-wooden box, 2-drum, 2-storage pallet. 10- 1k texture. Each asset has a prefab set for you. You can create your own