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Sample Racer Environment Pack FREE UNITY PACKAGE

A full game environment, with 6 levels The garage with YIand 1 car with interior. what do you get: 6 levels ready for mobile.Garage to show your car with a fully working menu.1 simple car interior with general maps.UI menu (main menu, customization menu, settings menu, multiplayer matching menu and singleplayer menu). Note: This package

Realistic Urban 1 v1.0

Premium polygon Unity artwork created in la Go to the website and join the movement We want the Indies to help them complete their game Free for a limited time Premium Polygon was launched to bring sports artist jobs back to the United States. We select the best local artists from our personal network Artist

Unity – Apocalyptic City Pack

unity assets - apocalyptic city pack Unity 5 ready This package combines 7 Extreme Packs into one huge Apocalyptic City building pack. Package contains 854 unique properties! The following packs are included: Big Furniture Pack for house (251 Models)Extreme Vegetation Pack - 63 Model 3. Extreme Street Pack - 95 Model 4. Extreme Vehicle Pack

DropTrack Road Course Pack v1.03

With this package you can create your own race track very easily. This package comes in your world with 16 track sections, and 20 detail objects. Everything is setup as a prefab object with custom collision models and custom shadow maps. The models are also short, allowing mobile developers to use this package. I have

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Parking latest props lowpoly

Make your parking game looks awesome with this low poly, street parking props pack. Package includes: Bollard Traffic Cone Dumpster Hydrant Parking Block Parking Meter Postal box Road Barrel Road barrier Stop sign Street lights Trash Can re Yield Sign DOWNLOAD FREE

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Ancient Ruins v1.1

The ruins, combined with 481 objects, have 25,259 polygons or 24,928 vertices with all backgrounds. Text in TIF file format, 512x512 You can use ruins, or you can easily rearrange items for your needs. DOWNLOAD FREE

RPG/FPS Game Assets for PCMobile Industrial Set v3.0

I started developing this pack assets to help indie game developers, and everyone who loves making FPS or RPG games for mobile or PC platforms, and appreciates the quality of the content What's New in 3.0 Pack? Add new demo scene Map_v2 Add new pipe sets: Pipeset_v1 (8 new prefabs) Add new hangers: Hangar_v2 (10

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