60+ high quality styling special effects prefabs! (Including 200+ variants)

● Works with 2D and 3D!
● Mobile-optimized versions of all prefabs are included!
● Cartoon FX Easy Editor included!
● Includes CFX spawning system to preload your effects and recycle them (avoiding the use of instants that are costly for mobile platforms)

Unique effects list:
Electric hit
Smoke column
Snow (light, dense, storm)
Fire Hits (2)
Fire rain
Flying ember
ice ball
Ice Hits (2)
Lightball (2)
Light Hits (3)
Light Glow (3)
Resurrection Light (2)
Gradient rays (2)
Sky rays
Magic Auras (3)
Dark Magic Auras (3)
Whirlpool tornado
Miscellaneous hits (7)
Falling leaves (small, large)
Miss hits
Leaves shield