A complete car racing game built with unity 5.5.0p4.
Exciting Challenge Mode! Check out your racing skills in an amazingly fun race!
Win races and upgrade super convertible cars to collect gold
Make more power than ever before and create new super heroes.
Complete daily tasks and accomplish achievements to obtain new heroes! Remember, each one of them has your special abilities to defeat opponents and destroy all obstacles that come in the way of your final grand victory.
Choose the appropriate heroes wisely and upgrade your transformable racing car to become the best racer and win every race!
Master the tracks! Also known as STORY MODE. Lots of racetracks, stunt road,
Aerial courses and off-road races – each throw big and unpredictable
Challenges for you and your heroes in the race car!
Awesome special powers! Take your opponents off the road and take the winning position thanks to unique special powers!
For setup and Ruskin, please see car_transform_racing_document_.doc in the game package

The tutorial helps the user to understand the game easier and faster.
Daily work system with useful reward
Achievement system with useful reward
Too many IAP packages
2 mini games include: Forutne Wheel and Golden Egg
5 heron
40 test levels
Cross Platform (Android and iOS)
Great effect using particle system
Easy to re-skin
Google Admob
In-app-purchase (Android and iOS)
Unity 5.5.0p4
Multiple screen resolution
Reward videos via login