This Arena Battle Starter Kit (ABSK) like many popular games on the mobile market use ABSK to make 3v3 action games or any kind of new and original 3v3 fight games.

Demos and Resources
Read the documentation

Play the demo here: [WebGL]
Download Android Build: [APK]


  • Contains all source code (c #)
  • unity 2018x support
    UGui only (no other asset required)
  • Mobile friendly

Features expansion

  • Arena Combat Structure
  • Basic UI Setup
  • Camera Controller
  • Attack System
  • Outliner
  • Character Model
  • uGui base game UI (overlay window etc.).
  • Camera Controller

Works on all platforms

  • Android
  • iOS (test iPhone)
  • console
  • Desktop PC / Mac Games

With this kit, creating an arena battle game is easy!