Sun. Jan 19th, 2020


POLYGON - Heist Pack

key features –
Property (x251)

  • Modular Interior and Exterior Bank Sets, Modular Bank Vault Sets, Modular Jewelry Shop Sets, Modular Office, Modular Bank Atrium, Interior + Exterior Walls, Money Notes + Stacks, Jewelry, Vault Door, Deposit Box, Duffel Bag, ATM Machine, Bank signs, desks + tables, chairs + sofas, plants, appliances, ammo, briefcases, security cameras, metal detectors, flags, tellers desks, panic buttons, documents, second floor + balcony El

Character (x9)

  • SWAT officers, male FBI agents, female FBI agents, women in overalls, women in suits, men in suits, women in work shirts, men in work shirts.
    (Unique mask x25)
    (With optional color with 3 skin tone variations)

Vehicle (x3)

  • Swat van, police helicopter, police car.
    (With optional changes)

Weapon (x9)

  • Assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, SMGs, snipers, flashbungs, smoke grenades
    (With optional changes)
  • Stacks of awesome content included (see layout screenshot for more details)
  • Character setup to work with Makin (no animations included in this pack)
  • Script works with Script Render Pipeline (HD + LW)

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