Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Bus Pack unity asset store FREE DOWNLOAD

Low Poly Bus Pack

The bus pack includes high-quality low-poly 6 bus models. Less polygon models suitable for high quality mobile games include materials that you can apply different colors.
6 type of textures 4096x 4096 diffuse map with uv
6 type of textures 4096x 4096 normal map with uv

2wheels and 2 steering wheel extras, UV mapped with 4096×4096 diffuse and common map texture

  1. Just 22,408 tris
  2. Just 15,924 tris
  3. Just 13,866 tris
  4. Just 18,889 tris
  5. Just 14,685 tris
  6. Just 23,909 tris

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