Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Third Person Cover Shooter Template 1.6.2

This is the best asset if you want to make a third person or top down cover shooter.
It has a smooth and responsive controller
It is a fun and polished gun and melee combat.
And it has amazing and believable AI!
Mobile controller for TopDown view
.Strategy Mode for PC TopDown View
Inspired by battles in games like Mass Effect, Division, Ghost Recon Online, we created a template to help you create those types of games. Now you can skip months of prototype games, jump on the bus and make your cover shooter!

Try you before buying windows version

You Try before buying Mac version

Ore more information: Website

App 1.6
-Mail System
-Match combat
-Fist combat
-No weapon shot
-New animated crosshair system
-Displayed repetition
-camera shake

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