Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Realistic FPS Prefab 1.45

The Realistic FPS prefab is an easy way to implement the main features of first-person and third-person games in your Unity projects with a few mouse clicks. The set up is quick and simply requires dragging and dropping the main prefab object into your view. The property is designed to keep the scripts from the inspector optimized and focused to make the gameplay smooth and responsive. Realistic FPS Prefab is a great learning tool and template for FPS games! What are the main features of realistic FPS prefab?
Rigid character controllers for smooth, physics-based interaction with the game world. Features such as swimming, climbing surfaces and moving platforms are all included.
Extensive weapon customization with ranged weapons, shotguns, melee weapons, grenades and bow and arrow options. Ammo and weapon pickup are included for all weapons.
Weapon actions, such as throwing grenades, melee attacks secondary to firepower, free / deadzone aiming and blocking with melee weapons.

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